Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have become more irritated in recent days with the ignorance with which the "Meedja" are approaching the debate about the future of the UK. They base their ideas upon a simple but utterly flawed premise. That the choice for Scotland and the wider UK is between the current partial and unfair system and outright independence.

Simon Heffer in the Telegraph displayed all the sensitivity for which he is renowned in his analysis: basically "the Scots have changed the rules of the Union and I don't want to play any more".

Well, tough!

As always the Labour government has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by turning a basically good thing: the advent of a Scottish Parliament, and turn it into a fiasco. However the fact is that the choice is not the dogs breakfast of the current system or the end of Britain. The fact that the Meedja insist that it is, is an insult to the intelligence.

All along the Liberal Democrats have said that the only way to create a stable constitution is to have genuine home rule for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. How England wishes to be ruled is up to them- but there is nothing wrong with handing back control over health and education to the County councils- after all several English counties are larger than member states of the European Union and comparable to the federal units of Germany or Spain.

As for Scotland- of course there should be greater economic autonomy-and that does not mean larger subsidies, it means controlling the budget that is spent now- and preferably making it smaller.

However the Meedja will insist that the choice is being shot and being hanged, rather than a genuine debate about real and improved alternatives to either. Poor things they really find it all so difficult.

Not surprising then to see that having created a star out of the ignorant and obnoxious Jade Goody, the Meedja (and God save us dubious politicians like Keith Vaz) are now delighting in her inevitable self destruction. As she is doubtless removed from the Big Brother House- probably to an orgy of booing- I will reflect that if Britain is a nation of Chavs it is the Media itself that must bear much of the blame for the respect they give to freak show guests like Goody and her clan and the contempt they show towards people who might be better informed than they are- a large percentage of the population, it seems.


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