Thursday, November 30, 2006

A note of reality

The relationship between Britain and the US has come under the spotlight again.

As the "Yo Blair!" incident showed, the oafish Bush administration has taken Britain for granted for some time. The fact that this is now openly acknowledged in Foggy Bottom will not solve the problem.

When the inevitable change of personnel happens in Downing Street next year, we can only hope that a more sober appraisal of British interests will follow. Yet another extradition of British citizens under the one-sided US extradition treaty reminds us that there are major aspects of British American relations that need to be changed- urgently.


RK said...

No sensible person can object to Baber Ahmed being put on trial. Whether that is here or in the US I care not.

Cicero said...

I agree he should be tried. However since his alleged offence was committed in the Uk, this is whaere he should be tried.