Tuesday, November 14, 2006

...much to be modest about

Sorry to be a cracked record, but I see that Mayor Ken Livingstone is claiming that his trip to Cuba and Venezuela was a very modest one.

It cost £36,000! (€54,000 or just under $70,000 for our international readers) for a trip that did not even bring about its stated aim of the dubious deal with mad cap dictator Hugo Chavez.

Next time Mr. Livingstone wishes to take a break in the axis of evil and its allies, I wonder if he might not try North Korea- on a one way ticket, please.


Anonymous said...

what a load of old shite you talk about hugo chavez. in what sense is he a mad cap dictator? how many democratic elections does he have to win to stop being a dictator? or is it that you simply havent a clue about chavez and have swallowed the big business line put out by our liberal free press.

Cicero said...

Oh Come on!

Hugo Chavez is the usual pointless Caudillo that gets thrown up by immature political systems. I do not defend those he overthrew, but the fact is that he remains a dead end for Venezuela and for all of Latin America.

Anonymous said...

but Chavez is left wing and anti-American. He /must/ be good!

On a more serious note:
When are the LibDems in the London Assembly going to start holding Ken to account rather than harping on about Christmas lights?

Anonymous said...

If Polly Toynbee, Tony Blair, George Galloway, Helen Watters and John Reid had their way, this country would end up just like North Korea