Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Campaigning Support for Gay marriage

In the past few weeks an Internet meme has emerged concerning gay marriage. It started with a college humor video suggesting that gay guys would marry straight guys girlfriends'. It was a winsome piece of humour, playing to the idea that certain gay stereotypes would be very attractive to women, and that therefore straight guys should support gay marriage in order to eliminate the competition. Then a bunch of gay women thought that lesbians could follow up on this and came up with a whole load of reasons why straight women should support gay marriage. There was a pretty dramatic response, which the girls also responded to themselves with great good humour.

Meanwhile straight men also decided that they could support gay marriage, although disparaging the idea that gay men would want to marry their girlfriends... since they did not even want to do that themselves. Gently they too took the rip out of some of the stereotypes, this time straight stereotypes. On the other hand the straight women were more interested in responding to the straight guys, who they clearly found rather obnoxious, rather than respond to the gay ideas. 

Frankly the Lesbian videos were genuinely very funny, but it is amazing how a single idea can populate the the whole Internet. Popular causes and the easy access to the technology are transferring campaigning into a whole new direction.

Equally interesting how the battle of the sexes continues unabated, even in the subject of gay marriage.

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