Saturday, December 24, 2011

New steps

So thousands on the streets in Moscow... of course the health of a ninety year old Danish-Greek Prince may have drowned that out in the news in Austria-Hungary the UK.

I have nothing against the Emperor Queen. However, the tide is changing. Nothing will happen while they still live.

I wish all of us a merry Christmas, and I think 2012 may be a far better year, economically and politically than we fear now, yet I also believe that that we all need to think about what happens next.

For that we need to think... but I see little evidence that we are.    

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Nigel Sedgwick said...

"Nothing will happen while they still live." Grammatically, I'm concerned: but maybe you are into "we are not amused". And I'll skip over the implied threat, as I judge you do not mean what you write to have that interpretation: I hope none who read here think otherwise, or claim such an interpretation to justify anything.

On the issue that 'they' are an impediment, presumably to political progress, I disagree.

There is, in the modern world, a long way between head of state and head of government; the British form of constitutional monarchy is (IMHO) pretty OK. Our problems, such as they are (and I do not dispute they are many and serious), rest with government: not where you claim.

That you see, even create, impediments where there are none is (as I view it) an excuse for inaction or ineffectiveness, rather than a cause.

Best regards