Friday, December 16, 2011

'Bye Hitch

Christopher Hitchens has died.

A brilliant polemicist, an extraordinary speaker, a thoughtful and determined contrarian. I did not agree with all he said, but the fact of his saying it was always interesting, challenging and valuable.

He stoical attitude to the approach of painful illness and death marked him out as uncompromising and even- though he would have hated the word- courageous.

He was a sparkling mind and a superb conversationalist and a determined seeker after truth, no matter what the implications of that truth.

It seems pointless to say anything further to such a determined atheist, but his idiosyncratic views will be much missed, and perhaps that is praise and recognition enough.

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Gray Dourman said...

Never bought into his politics but admired his writing and his wit....Just as a day of worthy labour brings peaceful sleep so a life well lived brings welcome death...Da Vinci..

Gray Dourman