Monday, December 20, 2010

Remember Belarus Today

It was inevitable that the dictator would overstep the mark. He might- maybe- have even won the election without cheating, but that is not the Lukashenka way. Instead, just to make sure, he stuffed ballot boxes, and faked the election result.

Yesterday, in the the frozen December temperature of the longest night, tens of thousands came to the centre of M'iensk to protest. They received the customary response: heavily armed riot police.

Probably Lukashenka will get away with it, after all when Korea looks on the brink of real conflict, what is yet another stolen election in "the last dictatorship in Europe"? Yet the regime. with its Soviet flag and its KGB looks increasingly like a relic from another era.

One day the white-red-white flag will fly again, but what will Belarus have to suffer until it happens?

Only God, or possibly Oleksander Lukashenka himself, can forecast that with any accuracy.

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