Thursday, December 02, 2010

In Politics it is better to be lucky than clever

The problem for Ed Miliband, after the car crash interview he did on the BBC Today programme last week, is that he is beginning to get a reputation of being an unlucky politician.

The cock-up of a tweet from his spokeswoman: " ''Hypocrisy of Cameron pimping himself out in Zurich..." is precisely the kind of silly unforced error that lucky politicians do not succumb to.

Of course, if in a few minutes, England were to win then Cameron looks like a very lucky politician indeed, while Miliband looks, well, like a loser.

UPDATE: well. I suppose, predictably, England did not get the World Cup, but even that may be lucky, if the FIFA corruption scandal gains any further traction. After all awarding the world cup host nation status to a genuine Kleptocracy does kind of give the game away.


Dan Falchikov said...

Well said. You may be interested to know I've started a little blog of my own (no where near as good obviously), but I suspect we may be discussing similar themes over the coming months. Particularly the uselessness of the UK Labour Party.

Cicero said...

Good Luck with that Mr. F- will link to it, when I can remember enough techi stuff to do so...