Monday, November 29, 2010


Not much surprising in the leaks of the US diplomatic cables: the fact that Obama doesn't much care for Europe has been obvious since he came into office, and it is also not much news that the Gulf Arabs hate the clerical regime in Iran.

Of course for Brits there is the news that Prince Andrew engaged in "inappropriate behaviour".

However anyone who has met him will know that he can be abrupt beyond the point of rudeness. He has most of his father's faults with none of his redeeming virtues. Mind you you don't need Wikileaks to tell you this, even the most fawning snob columns have asked questions in the past.

So is the Wikileaks expose nothing more than an embarrassment?

On current trends, it may not be. Unless you live in the Middle East, of course.

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Caron said...

Can you maybe enlighten me as to the redeeming qualities of Prince Andrew's father?