Thursday, September 02, 2010

Darwin award nominees

Not sure why , but the latest crop of headlines gave me a very extreme attack of the giggles:

Firstly, a dullard school student who electrocuted himself by connecting his nipples to mains electricity is trying to sue the teacher at the school where this took place, because he should have warned him that this was dangerous. Frankly the idea that this guy could still contribute to the gene pool is a fairly scary prospect.

The second story, sadly shows that the gene pool does indeed remain contaminated by spectacular stupidity: a father seeking to drive a spider from behind a toilet by spraying a highly flammable aerosol at the unfortunate arachnid... and then lighting a match. The subsequent explosion caused structural damage and put our intrepid spider hunter into hospital. The fate of the spider is unknown.

Just another day of reporting in the Daily Mail...

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