Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The death of a child

The news of the death of David and Samantha Cameron's son Ivan aged only six is extremely sad.

This tragic news reminds us that whatever political differences may exist in a democracy, we are united by common humanity. My deepest sympathies go to the Conservative leader and his family.

What terrible symmetry it is that Gordon and Sarah Brown have also lost a child.


Anonymous said...

Agree this is extremely sad news and all our symapthies should go to the Cameron family.

However I do question the decision to cancel Prime Minister's Questions.

It would have been appropriate for the Speaker to make a statement of sympathy on behalf of the House of Commons at the start, for a minute's silence to have been observed and then for PMQs to have taken place, with Hague standing in for Cameron, in the sober atmosphere in which it should always take place instead of the bear garden of barracking which usually occurs.

Newmania said...

I did not appreciate Brown`s "Me too" statement. Lets say it was an error of judgment

Cicero said...

Newmania- I think you have let your one-eyed partisanship allow you to forget that even the Prime Minister has human feelings and has experienced human tragedy.

I think your observation is quite inappropriate