Monday, April 21, 2008

What is the point of Trevor Phillips ?

As so often before Trevor Phillips gets into the news with a scare story- this time that we may be on the brink of a "cold war between the races" .

Now far be it from me to suggest Mr. Phillips has a vested interest: but it is hard to avoid the fact that if there were no problems of inter-racial tension then his job as head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) would not be needed.

Frankly, if one raises the dead horse of Enoch Powell's "Rivers blood" speech forty years after the event, then it is hard to claim that one is bringing new thinking to the debate. In fact I find that most of Trevor Phillips ideas are very backward looking and defensive to the point of paranoia.

I suppose that it is not too surprising from a former head of the National Union of Students though- a rogue's gallery of new Labour lackeys that includes: Jack Straw, Phil Woollas, Stephen Twigg, Charles Clarke, David Aaronovitch, Lorna Fitzsimmons and Jim Murphy.

All are professional politicians to their fingertips- and this professional political elite remains as isolated and generally self-serving as ever.


mhuntbach said...

Phillips seems to have made the speech which Powell could have made had he wanted to make the point he made in his "Rivers of Blood" speech without being gratuitously offensive. It's obviously easier for a black man who is the son of immigrants to make this point than a white man who isn't. Underneath is the point that immigration of workers well trained in other countries and willing to work at cheap rates hugely benefits some people in this country, while leaving it to others to suffer the downside. Why pay taxes to educate chav scum (oh, but we arranged to be non-doms so we don't pay taxes anyway ...) when instead we can just import willing workers from elsewhere, and let those chavs fester?

Newmania said...

But there is growing ethnic division in the country and those who bleat, vote with their feet. Where do you send your chuldren to school inner London Comps where the majority do not speak English (many many of those)?

Thought not. I `m suprised you don't like him. Generally he is a soppy progressive like you

Cicero said...

Newmania, Since you obviously either don't read this blog or don't believe a word, I do not see why you even bother to comment.

No matter how hard you try to tell me that I am some kind of floppy lefty, it does not make it true. People like Trevor Phillips and most new Labourites are at least as much the enemies of the Liberal Democrats as they are of the Conservatives.

I make my judgements based on what I genuinely believe is best for this country- economically, socially and politically. In my oppinion, Liberalism, based on JS Mill, Hayek, and Karl Popper offers a clear Liberal agenda, and unlike Tories I even believe in a free market in politics too.

As for kids, I will make my judgement, when I have any...

Newmania said...

Ooops did I touch a nerve ? Must be frustrating that years and years of left wingery cannot be absolved in a day or two just when you would like to compete in Tory marginals. Shame

I see Nick Clegg is moaning that immigrants make it impossible to conduct effective education today. It was a month ago I heard him say Liberals should not play "catch up " on the immigration.

Flip flop.