Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Money

New coins for the UK.

As is traditional on these sorts of occasions there is a load of whinging hot air- in this case complaints that the Coat of Arms has no place for Wales- yes, true, so? Or that the coat of arms is the version used in England- also true, so?

I was thinking the other day how stodgy much of our national iconography now looks: comparing the British passport:

with the Swedish

I just think the cleaner Swedish design looks better.

So despite the whinging and demands that the (to my mind rather paltry) fee of 35,000 is some kind of national disgrace and should not by paid. I find I rather like these clean, cool and elegant designs.

I hope the whinging stops soon...


Newmania said...

Those coins have an unpleasant continental look about them to me a bit like the clean cool sky scrapers that were such a succes in our social housing. The spirit of the country is to be found in the Gothic style not in this 20th century sentimentality.

Cicero said...

But...What could be more Gothic than a medieval shield?