Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not fit 4 Purpose

John Reid- a strutting popinjay of a politician- announces that his department (you remember the "not fit for purpose" Home Office) will now text those whose visas are about to expire to ask them to leave the country.

He denounces scrounging foreigners who come over here stealing our benefits...

So how many illegals do in fact claim benefits? Er... not known. Is it a serious problem or not really? Er... not known. How many people are in the UK illegally? Er... not known.

Is John Reid a loud mouthed incompetent more interested in headlines for himself than actually tackling what may or may not actually be a serious problem?

Frankly, for bringing the unlovely formulation "not fit for purpose" into more general use alone, he should suffer the wrath of the voters...

Not to mention the unanswered questions about his former friendship with friendly neighbourhood war criminal, Radovan Karadzic, cannabis use at his house... and his Communist past of course.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

James, Is any government department fit for purpose?

Bishop Hill said...


This is actually a fun game to play with statists of all persuasions - name the government department which functions well. Most people find it impossible to answer without accusing you of insulting civil servants in general.

As far as I can tell, the only tolerably efficient government department is the Ordnance Survey. This appears to be because it functions as a proper business and operates in a competitive marketplace. (Unfortunately the EU is soon going to outlaw this and will make them give away their data for "free". Chalk another victory up to Brussels).