Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mr. Livingstone, I presume?

We know that Ken Livingstone tends to get a bit aggressive when well oiled.

The trouble is that he does not do a very good job when sober.

Bendy buses are crap. How come Mercedes Benz got the contract?

Skyscrapers in London- who makes the most money?

Bicycle lanes? Don't make me laugh- and anyway the quality of London's road surfaces varies from "dismal" to "ploughed field". We told you before Ken- license the digging up of the roads otherwise a) they are always being dug up and b) the road surface ends up like a ploughed field.

As Livingstone returns from his £300 a night jolly at the Labour Party lovefest in Manchester, I wonder if he might consider that his record so far is rather sub-par.

Naah- even his own side think that he is an egotist.

I wonder if, in addition to being incompetent, he is also corrupt?


Dr Maybe said...

Something wrong with the bike lanes link (probably the apostrophe)

I think you were after't_like_lanes.html

although that was written in 1997. Doubt the bike lanes are any better now, of course.

But London has been dreadful every time I've been to the place. Last time (about three weeks ago) I was trapped in a London Underground train for well over two hours.

Cicero said...

Yes, that is the link.

As dangerous as cycling in London can be, I still prefer it to the evilly hot and smelly tube and quicker, most of the time, too.