Saturday, September 23, 2006

Anyone but us...

I see that Health care professionals are a bit sceptical about Gordon Brown's plans to set up an independent NHS Board.

Quite right- how could it be held accountable? The problem about the Conservative reforms was the same- the independent trusts could not be quizzed by local MPs about how they spent the tax payers money that they received. How could a national board be brought to account?

Ministers would/do* say- "not my responsibility, it was that nasty independent board/trust* that made this happen".

* delete where applicable.

If tax payer's money is involved then Parliament must supervise and make someone accountable for how the money is spent- that is its job. If the ministry is not competent then it should be abolished.

Meanwhile I see Harriet Harman wants the public to run foreign policy - Oh dear, where to start...

The one area in politics where openness is a double edged sword and with her unerring eye for the pointless and the stupid she goes straight there.

Still, at least it is good to know that even Labour ministers agree that they should not be running either health or foreign policy.

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