Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Johann Hari is Vicki Pollard

I suppose it was inevitable, the injury to Richard Hammond, the Presenter of the BBC's -slightly dated- motoring programme Top Gear, has sparked the usual chorus of po-faced disapproval.

In particular I see Johann Hari of The Independent- self appointed leader of Britain's burgeoning gay chav community- has spoken out against the cult of speed and anti-political correctness of the programme.

God- what a bore he is!

The fact is cars are fun.

I shall drop the roof on my MG and drive the country lanes of Britain- taking due care and attention of course- but, on one of the straighter, safer stretches of road I might just open up the throttle and puton a bit of a blast, in honour of the boneheaded idiots who behave totally irresponsibly and with the maximum amount of immaturity.

At least they are lot more entertaining than the tedious self laceration of a Cambridge graduate who would really prefer to be Vicki Pollard.

Come to think of it, you never see Vicki and Johann in the same room, do you?


Etzel Pangloss said...

I'm amazed anyone can read the Independant. It seems to take a morbid pleasure in trying to make all of its readership feel bad about their lives.

Anonymous said...

I love the Independant. When it comes to world news and political opinion they're spot on, but the sanctimonious vein that runs through some of the social commentators does not sit well with me. I'm a complete bleeding heart Liberal (and i'm bloody proud of it) but these kneejerk, reactionary whiners are complete idiots. They're no different to The Sun with their moral crusades. That Johan Hari piece really pissed me off in particular. He's constantly writing columns that bemoan generalisations being made of people, while at the same time using a sweeping one to paint all Top Gear watchers as speed freaks and adrenaline junkies as immature. I can't drive and my knowledge of cars does not extend beyond 'ooh shiny' but I love the programme. It's funny, interesting and entertaining which is a lot more than can be said for Mr Hari.

Etzel Pangloss said...

I can drive but....

News is always best interpretted by oneself.

the truth and the facts often don't correlate

I hope you don't mind Cicero but..

Dear anonymous, (what a vulgar name),(have you got a soul to hide?), i'm just a free born englishman, and pride sounds like hubris to me. (I do get chuffed).

TinyT said...

Here here. Hari is an obnoxious. self-righteous worm. I avoid the Indie purely because of his whining nonsense.

Anonymous said...