Thursday, July 20, 2006

Perma-tanned hypocrites

OK- so Tommy Sheridan is now legally toast. He has effectively admitted that he DID visit swingers clubs, so his libel action will fold.

Why take such legal action, when you know you are on such a difficult wicket? How arrogant do you have to be?

Galloway is much the same, and we all know about the allegations against him.

Pretty sure that most of them are true.

These perma-tanned lefties, reeking of hypocrisy, still believe that they can get away with it.

Glad to see that Sheridan won't. Look forward to Galloway getting nailed... One day.


Andrea said...

"Pretty sure that most of them are true."

was the same source who told you that the Libdems were on the verge of winning Moray that assured you that allegations against GG are true? :wink:
And are you searching for troubles? when people repeats allegations against GG, they usually end up losing in courts (Telegraph and Oona King)

And why Sheridan is hypocrites? Certainly a liar, but I wasn't aware that SSP manifesto contained a ban of swing clubs.

James said...

Tommy Sheridan's revelations bring new meaning to the phrase "up the workers!"

Andrea said...

common ownernship, sharing....he's just extending it to other fields......

Bernie Hughes said...

Sheridan's whole political career is based on relentless self-promotion. Publicity is the key; when it began to look certain that he would loose the action, he sacked his legal team, to ensure himself the maximum time in the spotlight. Live public theatre you might say; or 'reality TV' in the courtroom, like those ridiculous American shows on cable channels.
It's a depressing reflection on the state of public affairs that this bunch of clowns knock Israel's attempts to obliterate her neighbours off the front pages. On the other hand, it's likely that the SSP is now doomed completely, which cannot be a bad thing.