Monday, July 31, 2006

Fair Votes

A little back of the envelope calculation reveals the value of a vote for each party.

Labour 356 MPs 9,562,122 total votes cast. 6,637,024 for winning candidates- 69% success rate for a Labour vote.
Conservative 198 MPs 8,772,598 total votes cast 4,471,171 for winning candidates- 50.96% success rate for a Conservative vote
Liberal Democrats 62 MPs 5,981,874 total votes cast, 1,284,238 for winning candidates- 21.4% success rate for a Lib Dem vote
Scottish National Party 6 MPs 412,267 total votes cast, 82,470 for winning candidates- 20% success rate for an SNP vote
Plaid Cymru 3 MPs 174,838 total votes cast, 40,905 for winning candidates- 23% success rate for a PC vote.

The fact is that 53% of the voters do not get the MP that they voted for. No wonder that voting is out of style, when you see how much a simple choice can be distorted.

It is time for fair votes!

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