Friday, May 05, 2006

Shock! Horror! Probe... [yawn]

Mildly amused to see Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes offering up a new title in the Money for Old Rope category of British publishing. Their "Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze" really goes for the heart of the scandals of this government and will shake the establishment to its foundations- Yours for £7.99.

Err.. NO

Their definition of Labour scandals is just the tittle-tattle. The REAL Scandals are things that the News of the World would never write about, because their readership don't care and it takes too many pages of newsprint to explain the scope of the crime. But then Iain Dale, like the NOTW, is not really interested in politics these days. As a fully paid up media tart, he has entered the Queen Mother branch of show biz.

Anyway, he is getting lazy: having authored the country finest toilet reading: "Thatch: a tribute in words and pictures", now Iain can not even be bothered to write himself. His latest wheeze is that his next magnum opus in the Reader's Digest Toilet Library (TM) will be authored by his blogger chums. In double quick time too- about the same length of time he takes to stir from his chaise longue and nibble another praline.

Can I make a plea that he gets it printed on softer paper next time though? His "PM Portillo and other Tory Misjudgments" did not really have the right absorbant qualities.


LibDemsNeedToLaughMore said...

And who says Lib Dems don't have a sense of humour?

Iain Dale said...

oooh, what a bitch!

Cicero said...

Well, slap my legs and call me Susan- I do beleive Young Master Iain is a bit hurt (naaa... not really)