Sunday, May 19, 2013

The spectacular -evil- greed of Tony Blair

I was previously unaware of his interest in the land of the Eagle. So -it seems- was he, until somebody offered him money

After I was approached to advise the Albanian government 10 years ago, I met with Prime Minister Berisha several times and also the then President Mosiu. I tried to give the government the benefit of my experience and my knowledge as an investment banker active in the region. With over twenty years being involved in the region I was also able to open up connections to other countries- like Estonia- who could advise and help. I developed a detailed knowledge of the relative merits of dams on the rivers Shkumbini and Drin, and the impact of one road route from Tirana to Elbasan versus another. I helped create links that supported the low tax policies which did so much to stimulate investment. I can understand the history, the economics and the politics that drive Albanian society. I know about Edith Durham, Zog, and the Congress of Prizren.

Blair, so far as I know, is driven not by personal interest, but by personal greed.

For the work I did, I was not paid a penny and neither did I ask to be paid.

So why did I do this?

Simply put, the extremely poor population of Albania needed help. I could help and so I did. I would not have taken the bread from the mouth of Albanian children- even if far too many Albanian officials would and did.

Tony Blair has no such scruples. He will take  a multi-million Pound contract to "advise" the Socialist party in Tirana. 

Edi Rama, the Socialist leader, is implicated in massive corruption, this clearly does not bother the former British Prime Minister.

It bothers me.

Personally, I hope Blair rots in hell. 

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