Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Death of Chavez mourned by other Demagogues

The Op-Ed piece in today's Independent by George Galloway is a classic case of cheap left wing demagoguery. I can certainly judge George Galloway by his friends- mostly murderous criminals with no respect for democracy and little respect for human life, rather like the late Hugo Chavez.

Usually de mortuis nihil nisi bonum but in the case of Chavez we must make an exception. By making Venezuela a regional ally of Cuba, he placed himself firmly in the same tyrannical camp as the Communist regime in Havana. He led an onslaught against human rights that was condemned both by Amnesty international and Freedom House, and he subverted the democratic constitution of his own country, creating a cesspit of corruption and incompetence that has placed Venezuela on the road to economic perdition.

Naturally Galloway is a fan of the late Commandante Chavez. So are many other left wing demagogues like Ken Livingstone. However we can not be blind to the price of Socialism in Venezuela- and it is the huge impoverishment of the country and the creation of a cadre of communist ideologues that can only drive a country that ought to be wealthy into the deepest penury.

Galloway may have plans for us too- but his track record of support for the most brutal of causes, hypocritically posing as a puritan while living as a libertine, must surely condemn his actions and his words as well. 

Just noticed that Chavez died 60 years to the day since the announcement of the death of Stalin. Perhaps Democrats everywhere should celebrate this as death of a dictator day?         

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