Wednesday, April 25, 2012

James Murdoch: Suicide Bomber

James Murdoch is already under criminal investigation in the United States. His testimony to the Leveson enquiry yesterday suggests that he should face a series of trails in the UK too.

That is not particularly surprising. What is surprising is the manner in which he has decided to face his fate. Essentially he has clearly decided to "take as many of the bastards with him" as he can, starting with Jeremy Hunt- who, Murdoch suggested, had stepped well outside the line of good standards and even the law in his relationship with News International.

Perhaps Mr. Murdoch thinks that his display of revenge will cow others, probably equally implicated in the growing outrage against the Murdoch empire.

Personally, I think Murdoch fils should now be prosecuted to the full limits of the law, and if the evidence supports it, so should everyone else in the Murdoch organisations.

Murdoch may be trying for some kind of mutual assured destruction: but our Parliament and our laws must make sure that Murdoch and his twisted journalism are indeed expunged completely. 

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