Thursday, October 06, 2011

Putin jokes

(Source: Getty Images)

It has already almost gone beyond parody: Vladimir Putin's spokesman actually said, when Putin was compared to Brezhnev, that is was GOOD!  Brezhnev, far from being a brutal and doddery old autocrat, was actually a very positive leader in Russian History. Well compared to Putin, he certainly is: Brezhnev is now dead and can do no further harm.

No wonder that there are now quite a few Putin jokes doing the rounds, my favourite is:

The Federal Guard Service protecting President Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister President Dimitri Medvedev arrests an activist who is handing out leaflets on Red Square.

The man is taken by the KGB FSB to the Lubyanka for a search when they notice that the leaflets are blank.

"Why are they blank then?" The man is asked

"Why bother to print? Everything is clear anyway"

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