Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Low Expectations

The latest poll apparently show that voters believe that David Cameron is thought to be a better leader than Gordon Brown, and much is being made of the idea that Mr. Cameron has "sealed the deal" with the British people.

The reality is of course rather different. As someone said to me the other day: "If Cameron or Brown are the answer, then Goodness knows what the question was!". The fact is that the voters have not forgotten the chaotic and sleazy end to the last Conservative administration, and the fact that Labour has got itself into something like the same kind of trouble is creating a certain resigned despair amongst the electorate.

The failure of the constitution and the creation of an isolated political class is leading to exceptionally low expectations of our political leaders, and even these vanishingly small hopes are usually crushed.

As Nick Clegg noted the other day, the state of our Constitution amounts to an emergency, and yet the cosy cabal of LabCon will not reform a system that gives them- and them alone- all the power and privileges of government, even when they themselves know that they do not have the competence to rule.

As the long and grinding election campaign gets under way, only the Liberal Democrats are prepared to offer genuine reform- and that is a message of hope that might yet confound the low expectations of the voters.

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Alex said...

It's true that the state of our Constitution is an emergency, but then really it has always been so.

The 13 British American Colonies managed to solve their Constitutional problems by fighting a revolution.

I do wonder what it would take to wake the rest of my countrymen up. Very rarely does a Constitution radically change peacefully as our "unwritten" one would in order to solve our difficulties. And that's what I'm afraid of. That we may be stuck with our shoddy Constitution for generations more, because it takes a potentially violent crisis in order to do so. And it takes a lot to get us British riled up about anything.