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Whom the Gods would destroy...

In the sunshine of the Croatian capital, my thoughts are drawn to the US Presidential race.

As the dust begins to settle on John McCain's choice of running mate, it is beginning to look an even more high risk bet than it initially appeared.

Mrs. Palin may be a full fledged member of the human race- teenage pregnancy and all- but her terrifying lack of experience and education makes Sen. McCain look frankly reckless.

All of the old fears about his maverick personality seem set to be concentrated on this extraordinary choice of running mate. Frankly it simply looks like tokenism of a very high order- but to make such a choice without having completed a full due dilligence is foolhardy in the extreme.

Sarah Palin may be the making or the breaking of the McCain Presidential bid- but if I was a Republican I would certainly be feeling very nervous.

If I was an American I would now regard Sen McCain as frankly too reckless to take the Oval office.


the doctor said…
I really am astounded at the naivety
of this post , Sarah Palin's executive experience certainly matches Obama and Biden . Or could it be that a woman can never match a man ?
James Schneider said…
Doctor, I assume you are taking the piss. Being Governor of Alaska (pop 800,000) for 20 months does not top either Obama or Biden on experience. This is heightened when you view foreign policy pronouncements from either side.

It has nothing to do with her sex. She may become a great politician but she's a truly dreadful pick.
Anonymous said…
Mr Schneider, do you know what a governor does on a daily basis? They have to -- run the state. They command their national guards, they sign/veto legislation, they make executive decisions. Sound familiar to another job?

This is probably why the 4 of the last 5 presidents have been governors (Bush II, Clinton, Reagan, Carter).

What has Joe Biden done? Plagiarise papers at Syracuse? Make racist remarks against Indians? Proudly declare Delaware a "slava state"?

I'm sorry. Having worked with the US Congress for many years, I know what they do -- become a human gas bag. Just because they travel around the world as their job doesn't make them qualified. Otherwise Bono would be Taoiseach and Peter Gabriel would be in Number 10.

And what does Obama have experience on? He has absolutely nothing.

And Cicero, I'm astounded you would say such things about McCain's judgements. Scared of a maverick? And you're a LibDem?!
James Schneider said…
mmm, Commanding The Alaska National Guard is hardly foreign policy experience. So far it appears that the sum total of Palin's foreign affairs world view is that the Iraq war is "God's work".

I'm not defending either Obama or Biden but both candidates appear a great deal more serious and knowledgeable than Palin.

As for McCain the maverick, I'm afraid that guy has died and we now have a rather more orthodox, and less interesting figure.

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