Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Protocols of the Elders of Brussels

Amidst the various comments on concerning the election of Nick Clegg as leader, there came this rather priceless contribution:

"Clegg is a fully-paid up member of the new European elite who want to replace democratic government by a kind of bureaucratic authoritarianism, in which all important decisions will be taken by unelected committees of technocrats.

This will of course be disguised by window dressing such as the fatuous ‘Town Hall Meetings’ you describe, as well as ‘regional assemblies’ and other such nonsense.
It’s surprising he made his position so obvious though - a serious gaffe.

Runnymede December 19th, 2007 at 1:08 pm"

As I commented later in the thread, this is why it is really hard to take the Conservatives seriously on the subject of Europe. It is this kind of dribbling, barking-mad Europhobia is like dealing with “Mother” out of Psycho- always this twitchy, defensive weirdness keeps coming out.

As Churchill once said, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”.

There is a lot wrong with the way the EU works, but attacking those who support the basic idea of a pan-European organisation in these almost demented terms is just not going to do anything but make you look strange.

What bothers me even more is that Gordon Brown, through his rather pathetic antics to avoid being seen together with the other signatories of the reform treaty, even gives their barking-mad ramblings some peculiar resonance.


Martin said...

No what almost always bugs me is every time we share a bit of power with our European Partners, these idiots go spare, but never comment on how we gave away our sovreignty over our armed forces nearly 60 years ago - surely the litmus test of national independence?

Mark Wheatley said...

Although his language is fruity, Runnymede does have something worth saying. After all, the institutions of Europe are rather impenetrable and questionable. The scandal over signing off the accounts - over a decade of tawdry bullying and secrecy is hardly inspiring. Moreover, there does appear to be a set of people who operate happily in Euro-political set (indeed Cicero I think you are part of it) without challenging the way it is developing. I am passionate about what Europe can offer to the world but entirely disapprove of what I see emanating from the Neo-napoleonic institutions of the EU.

The purpose of NATO was to address a military threat, and, since you mention it Martin, although many 'Europhiles' cite the EU as having created peace on the continent since 1945 - NATO deserves much of the credit.