Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vladimir Putin and the 1984 All Stars

I suppose it is just possible that Vladimir Putin's regime might have lost its marbles, or maybe they just think that foreigners are stupid, but the latest drivel from Moscow truly defies belief:

The murder of Anna Politkovskaya was plotted by foreigners.

Yeah, course it was Vlad, just like we are also responsible for the Kursk disaster, the Ostankino Fire, the fact that Russians drink themselves to death, and that the Rothschild's plotted the Russian Revolution in the first place (Oh no, wait a minute that is an American conspiracy theory).

We have actually read 1984 you know Vlad- it has never been a banned book over here. Creating fictional Goldsteins is easy for Chekists on home ground, but in a free country it is far easier to spot the lie.

Soviet Socialism killed tens of millions. The fact that Putin eulogises it and uses many of the same brutal methods should turn his government into a pariah.

He is unquestionably our enemy.


Anonymous said...


Foolish, foolish I fear. Russia is going through a phase of prickly nationalism I'm afraid. Sure we have to be firm with Russia when occasion demands. But we must bear in mind a) The humiliation the vast majority of Russians felt in the 1990's and b) Putin will not always be in charge of Russia anymore than Bush in charge of America. When the Rus throw a few tantrums like starting bomber flights again, the correct reaction is the one the yanks gave. If they want to start burning up fuel to fly out of date bombers round the world again so what basically.

Is Russia a concern yes. But it does your case no good to link Putin with Stalin. Putin is a strong authoritarian, but even the Economist though not I imagine the increasingly shrill Edward Lucas was quick to point out that Putin whatever he is is not Stalin. The gulags have not reopened and Warsaw is not under imminent threat.

If we adopt your attitude we will simply strengthen the paranoid siloviki and undermine the likes of Chubais and Medvedev. A sense of proportion would do no harm Cicero.


Anonymous said...

LOL. No-one does hyperbole like Cicero.