Monday, June 04, 2007

D- Notice

On the day when Putin decides that it is easier just to point nuclear weapons at Europe, rather than engage in a political debate it may be worth asking some interesting questions about what the UK is doing about the practical threat from Russia:

How many Russian diplomats have been asked to leave London in the past six weeks "for activities incompatible with their diplomatic status"?

How many Russian private citizens have been refused entry to the United Kingdom over the same period on grounds of a threat to UK national security?

How many Russian citizens have had their visa status revoked over the same period?

How many D-notices requesting that such information not be published on grounds of national security were issued over the same period?

CLUE: it is more than none.

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Nothing is Free said...

point nuclear weapons at Europe

As if they haven't been all this time. BTW, what are those Vanguard-class subs on patrol targetting?

CLUE: it is more than none

The more, the merrier. Plenty of work for them at home.