Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ooh Cheeky...

I know, I know... Lembit Opik- crazy name, crazy guy.

I saw him about a month ago and he said that he had broken up with Sian, and that "it was not going too well".

Lembit is a treasure- genuinely funny, albeit ever so slightly manic (after all a pilot, expecially a paragliding pilot is clearly closer to the thrill seeking end of the personal equation).

Although the extremely detailed interview that Sian gave the newspapers was clearly done for a great deal of money, I don't really see too much damage to Lembit in the long term.

Women will wonder what he has in him, and guys will generally feel that a Cheeky girl sounds like fun.

In the shallow waters of mild celebrity such emotional squalls are to be expected- and are basically good entertainment.

Personally I have been laughing like a drain for several days... and I am grinning still.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cheeky number yx managed to inspire EU enlargement in Montgomeryshire? :o

vaba cymru said...

I am worried on how this Lembit mess is going to have a knock-on effect on the LibDems. It seems this party is the one fighting off sleaze now, and papers like the Daily Mail seems to want to take Lembit to the cleaners.

Unfortunately the issue of drink will become paramount in attacks against the LibDems, since that appears to be the focus of criticism against Öpik. The LibDems really need to do damage control, especially if Gordo calls a snap poll.

Ming needs to really push the matter before this becomes a running joke -- and running jokes stay in the voters' minds much longer than positive policy statements...