Monday, March 27, 2006

Highland Air

A weekend away in Aviemore. The conference of the Scottish Liberal Democrats was extremely cheerful. Rather splendidly, during the speech of Nicol Stephen, the party leader in Scotland, the TV transmission is interrupted for a few seconds: exactly as he mentioned George W. Bush, the picture disappeared- to be replaced by a second or two of a cowboy film, before returning to Nicol's speech. Clearly a technician with a sense of humour...

Overall, the atmosphere is very positive, and I am able to catch up with a large number of friends- including University colleagues who I have not seen for many years.

Malcolm Bruce's speech mentions the fate of the prisoners of Lukashenka. I notice that the demonstrations in Miensk have not died away- eventually, he will be replaced, and even such small pin-pricks will slowly erode the position of the last European dictator.

I did a TV interview this morning on Ukraine. However imperfect Ukrainian democracy is- and it is certainly rough and ready- it is at least vigorous, and it is a standing rebuke to the regime in Miensk- and Moscow...

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