Thursday, February 09, 2006

"It came from Heaven Down"

I have always liked Denmark. I have many Danish friends. I like Copenhagen, I even like the Danish language, which seems to me to carry some echoes of English. The quiet, humorous Danes have created a steady, civilized country, which is proud of its achievements without being jingoistic. The Country is, to use that almost nineteenth Century word "worthy". High minded, honourable and kind.

Danish democracy is consensus based, but the country has not been afraid to make occasionally radical political decisions. Denmark is a country that, whatever its faults- and all countries have them- works.

Now, steady, stable and fair Denmark has come under attack. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the cartoons published in a Danish newspaper, the response is horrific. Danish Embassies have been attacked, people have been hurt and several even killed.

I believe in free speech- even the free speech of the Islamo-Fascists who would take my own free speech away from me. I am going to show my support for free speech and my support for Denmark by wearing a pin of the Danish flag. By doing so I will show my contempt for the violent savagery of those who can not even understand the strength and nobility of a free society.

I know a lovely land
With spreading, shady beeches Near Baltic's salty strand;
Near Baltic's salty strand;
Its hills and valleys gently fall,
Its ancient name is Denmark,
And it is Freya's hall
And it is Freya's hall


Edis said...

Title of your post of course refers to the National Flag, which 'Appeared from Heaven' to inpire the Danes when they were beating up Estonia... you do keep your interests close together!

Bishop Hill said...

Good for you.