Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Window on the World

It is always interesting checking through the viewing stats for this blog.

I see the IP address of several friends- Steve G, Steve T, Simon M and Andy W know who they are!

Tristan has left several interesting comments, as has Andrew Montford- apologies for the delay in posting some of these, I had failed to notice that they were not being e-mailed automatically for review.

On the other hand I see IP addresses from all over the place- those from the Baltic Countries are especially welcome- notably my old friend Igor, who I look forward to sharing a drink with the next time I am in Tallinn.

The latest set is particularly interesting: many from Latin America with Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico and Colombia all being represented. I have regular readers in the US, Canada (a country close to my heart as a former student there) Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Poland, Italy, Luxembourg, Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the UK I see readers from Parliament and several Universities- Imperial, UCL, and various Oxford and Cambridge Colleges, York, Durham, Napier, Edinburgh and many others. Since they seem to return, I hope that they are finding something of interest! I see several colleagues in City firms and a variety of Scottish IP addresses.

Since this blog is now approaching 5000 individual page loads, I hope that this fairly small but diverse group of readers have enjoyed the rather varied mixture of my thoughts- I shall seek to refine them and hopefully make them more readable as this blog develops.

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frvfvsdvdsv said...

I certainly look forward to reading your blog - so keep it up!