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Dressing to the left

Having accepted higher taxes, more state interference, and virtually all of the Blairite agenda, even David Cameron's hair has moved left.

The one thing that David Cameron is not is a Liberal of any description; his controlling agenda now differs little from the surveillance state enacted under Labour.

The paternalist agenda of the Cameroons is now clear, even without a whisper of actual policy. So, although the desire for a change from NuLabour is becoming stronger across the country, there is little enthusiasm for the Cameroon clique, even (in fact, especially) amongst liberals in the Conservative Party.

Although many Conservatives are grateful to be a bit more popular, the current lead in the polls is fragile, and plenty of economically literate commentators are becoming hostile towards the Tory leader and his half baked ideas.

To my mind, I do not see Controlling Conservatives as an improvement on NuLabour failure.


Anonymous said…
Whereas of course your uber Brusselite desire to change our constitution via the voting system without refernda isn't naturally. You can say it is in your manifesto Cicero but it isn't anyone elses. Therefore the people have to be consulted. Face it,l the reason you want to avoid it, is because like your friend Mr Yuri Phile you fear losing.

Your attacks on Cameron seem to becoming increasingly polemical. For us or against us. Black or white. All my oppenents are the same. A myopic refusal to acknowledge people like life don't come in exactly the same flavour. Know who also thinks like that George W Bush. Congratulations Cicero, you are becoming less tolerant and thus less "Liberal" each day.

Liberal Polemic said…
Blimey! Who rattled his cage?

I think the comment about the "controlling Conservatives" "paternalistic agenda" may have struck home.
Cicero said…
Yes Tom- And the interesting thing is the number of Tories who have actually been agreeing with me!

"Lepidus": we will just have to agree to disagree. If Liberal Democrats put forward a manifesto and we win an election, then why should we need to go through referendum on our policies any more than Labour have had a referendum on ID cards or the Tories had one on entering (or leaving) the ERM. For right or wrong, the Queen in Parliament is Sovereign in this country- and even a referendum can only be advisory. So you might want to brush up on your knowledge of the British Constitution before launching into a rather dotty attack like this one. The irony is that Liberal Democrats support enshrining the use of referendum under certain circumstances, and the Conservatives have historically bitterly opposed their use.

And for the record, of course I am against a Conservative party that lacks the maturity or the honesty to put forward one single policy that is not half baked PR bullspeil- and you as a Conservative should be embarrassed that your party seems to have grown so intellectually lazy. It is dishonest opposition and it would be a pathetic re-run of all the worst bits of Blair in government.

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